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We helped the Wall Street Journal investigative journalism team design statistical tests to detect trends and anomalies!

Serge Sverdlov, Ph.D.

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Lev Sverdlov, M.D., Ph.D.

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We make practical, interpretable, quantitative models from limited data, and turn big data into into actionable intelligence. Hire somebody else to throw the latest buzzword techniques at your analytics challenges; hire us to figure out how to scope and simplify your problem, what tools are really appropriate, and to anticipate hidden issues.


Our largest contract is providing forecasting, statistical modelling, and planning/optimization services to a major software company's cloud computing business.

We work with corporate clients on financial risk management and epidemiological and pharmacovigilance/drug safety projects.

We've also helped startups in the areas of blockchain, education, biotech, and business of healthcare.


Our industry expertise is in three areas:

    • Finance and Economics
      • Investment: financial risk management, portfolio optimization - especially heavy tailed methods, scenario analysis, and correlation risk
      • Corporate finance: forecasting including long term economically guided forecasting, inventory/capacity planning, pricing optimization
    • Software Industry and Startups
      • Predictive modeling and machine learning
      • Unit economics, customer lifetime value, and startup financial modeling
      • Software project management
      • Quantitative valuation of venture capital investments
      • Recruiting and building a technical team in data science and related software functions
    • Health care and Biotech
      • Drug safety/pharmacovigilance, treatment effectiveness, health economics, epidemiological risk modeling
      • Longitudinal modeling of pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic data
      • Statistical genetics and -omics predictive modeling, including risk uncertainty quantification


We're enthusiastic about Bayesian methods, time series modeling, modern and classical AI and machine learning techniques. Besides statistical modeling, we love to do optimization, whether that means inventory modeling, optimal pricing, or A/B testing.

But what we really care about is simplicity and choosing the right tool for the job - not the latest buzzwords.


Contact us and let us figure out if we can help you!